“Nuker Corporation” LLP

“Nuker Corporation” was founded in 1996. The basic line of activity is development, manufacture and sale of power-operated shut-off seals which are widely used as disposable safety means in railway transportation, marine and air transportation.

The company is registered in the register of domestic commodity producers belonging to the group of the Fund of National Welfare «Samruk Kazyna», has the certificate of the goods origin by the form СТ KZ, confirming 95% of Kazakhstan content. The production is protected by the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Euroasian patent.

“Nuker Corporation” LLP has passed the way from scientific development to the batch production of the seals, is the leading manufacturer of heavy-loaded shut-off seals, both in the territory of RoK, and abroad and has proved to be the manufacturer of good-quality and reliable production.

Our partners

— JSC “National Company “Kazakhstantemirzholy»,

— Kyrgyz Railways,

— TEK ANPZ – Trans LLP,

— “PetroKazakhstan Oil Products” LLP,

— “Kazahmys Corporation” LLP,

— “Tengyzshevroil” LLP,

— “Zhayikmunay” LLP,

— “Feul and transportation Company” (Toplivno-transportnaya companya) LLP,

— JSC “Condensate”

— JSC “National Company “Food Contract Corporation”,

— JSC “SNPS-Aktobemunaygas”,

— JSC “Aluminium of Kazakhstan»,

— JSC “Arcellor Mitall Temirtau”,

— JSC “Holding Kazexportastyk”,

— JSC “Kaztransservice” and many others.

— “Kazakh grain company” LLP,