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Shut-off seal «Nuker Garant»

Technical characteristics:

Case dimensions – 36*35*24 mm;
Steel cable length – 400-560 mm;
Cable diameter – 5,2 mm;
Weight of shut-off seals not less than – 120 gr;
Extension breakdown force – not less than 18,0 kN


Shut-off seal «Nuker Garant» relating to the group of disposable security devices is intended for lock-out and simultaneous sealing of various types of wagons (covered vehicles, refrigerators, tanks, with loading thumbscrew and cross-bar hatches, hopper wagons, covered vehicles for transportation of cars), and also truck vans, storage houses and can also be used for other objects demanding monitoring and protection against unapproved opening.


The shut-off seal «Nuker Garant» is the power-operated safety device, provides control and protection against unapproved opening of secured objects having eyes apertures diameter of 5,2 mm and more, and also for sealing of the deformed lock-out units having not coaxial apertures of the eyes. The distinctive feature of this shut-off seal is the quality and simplicity of use, and also full conformity with all established technical requirements of the given products. The shut-off seals «Nuker Garant» have passed all necessary complex tests an “National Company “KTZ” is admitted for sealing of all kinds of railway stock both inside the Republic of Kazakhstan and on railway stock routing internationally. The shut-off seals design is protected by the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian patent.

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