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Shut-off seal «Nuker-Block»

Technical characteristics:

Case dimensions – 46*19,5*1 mm;
Сable length – 195-300-360 mm;
Cable diameter – 2 mm; 2,5 mm; 3,0 mm;
Weight of shut-off seals – 5 gr; 7 gr; 10 gr.


The shut-off seal “Nuker-block” is related to the group of disposable security devices and is designated for blocking of doors of freight vehicles, various types of wagons (covered, refrigerator wagons, tanks with thumbscrew and cross-bar loading hatches, hopper wagons, covered wagons for vehicles transportation), containers running inside the Republic and between the states Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan only.


Shut-off seal “Nuker-block” is the power-operated shut-off seal and provides control and protection against unapproved opening of secured objects having diameter of apertures of the eyes of 5,2 mm and more, and also for sealing the deformed lock-out units having not coaxial apertures of the eyes. The distinctive feature of the shut-off seal is its quality and simplicity of use, and also full conformity with all established technical requirements of the products. Shut-off seal “Nuker-block” has passed all required integrated lab tests and is protected by the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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